Welcome Home to Baxter Bayou!

Although Baxter Bayou has been in business for over 40 years, we pride ourselves on the updated and newly renovated facilities we offer to your loved ones. Completely refurbished with lots of modern updates, Baxter Bayou blends the best of old and new. We have years of experience and expertise … and a new facility.

When considering residential care for yourself or a loved one, it is considered appropriate for you to take a tour of the facilities. We would be happy to arrange that for you at your request so you can see our main building, the residences, and tour our campus. Although Baxter Bayou is located in the heart of the city, it actually includes a six-acre property including gardens and grounds for the residents as well as outbuildings that help us manage our various services for residents, including full-service kitchen and snack bar and laundry services.

Baxter Bayou provides expert care; we have skilled nurses and can provide rehabilitative as well as physical therapy. Many of our long-term residents require medical care, and in addition to our skilled nursing staff, we have regular associations with physicians, specialists, and the Baxter County Hospital

The "back porch" at Baxter Bayou includes a large garden with wheelchair-safe trails.

The “back porch” at Baxter Bayou includes a large garden with wheelchair-safe trails.

.Residents at Baxter Bayou can enjoy as much or as little of our busy recreational schedule as suits them. We are pleased to offer appropriate-level exercise classes (including chair exercises and stretching classes), crafts (painting, quilting, needlework), games (Wii, bingo, cards), and other special-interest events (cooking, sing-a-longs). Three area houses of worship run active ministries within Baxter Bayou, so that residents may attend church or join in classes, if they wish. We have a sun room with a large library of books, magazines, and jigsaw puzzles. While there is always a lot going on indoors, many of our residents actually prefer to spend most of their time outdoors in our large garden area. With paved trails suitable for wheelchair travel, benches, seats, and lots of shade trees, the Baxter Bayou offers residents a chance to get out in the open air and relax with their companions. When the weather is fitting, Baxter Bayou dining staff will offer box lunches to those who want to picnic in the gardens.

Baxter Bayou provides hometown cooking and accommodates the special dietary needs of its residents.

Baxter Bayou provides hometown cooking and accommodates the special dietary needs of its residents.

Baxter Bayou offers outstanding food service. A large dining room (decorated for the holidays, when appropriate) is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our nutritionist and dining room staff offer tasty meals that provide optimal nutrition while catering to individual preferences and tastes. In addition, coffee, tea, and sugar-free snacks are available to residents in-between times in our Coffee Bar area. If your loved one is staying with us at Baxter Bayou, you can make plans to join him or her for lunch in the Dining Room.

Everything at Baxter Bayou is designed for the well-being and holistic care of you or your loved one. We get to know our residents and we look forward to getting to know their families. We take steps to provide the best experience for you and your loved one.

If you are looking for residential care, please visit any facilities you are considering in advance. Evaluate them carefully–not just what is in the brochure but what you can see and hear and smell. Baxter Bayou has been a long-standing member of the Baxter County community, and we look forward to serving you and your family with what we do best … provide expert, loving care.